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Chisholm Creek Development.

Chisholm Creek Development.


David Ritchie, owner of Chisholm Creek Development LLC in Enid, Ok., is a passionate builder. He is passionate about HERS ratings, duct blaster tests, radiant barriers and even caulk.  He is passionate about geothermal heating and cooling. Ritchie has been building homes that are heated and cooled with geothermal technology since the late 1990s. His experience has made Chisholm Creek Development both a regional and national leader in the promotion of this renewable energy source.  

Ritchie through the help of key partnerships has found the formula for geothermal success.  He believes in geothermal . 

Over the last decade, Chisholm Creek Development has completed more than 80 homes featuring geothermal heating and cooling systems in Enid.Enamored with the technology since he first learned about it, Ritchie has looked for ways to incorporate geothermal into his homes.



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Lowest operational and maintenance expense
Chisholm School
All homes in Chisholm Creek Development and phases are in the Chisholm School district .
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